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A singular global partnership

Inova is a commercial multi-family office platform in the long-standing Swiss tradition

of dedicated wealth management providing investment management services to institutional investors, private wealth clients and financial intermediaries.


Inova provides differentiated strategic and tactical advice as well as unparalleled execution to financial sponsors, public, and private companies. Inova offers investment capabilities across high conviction equity and outcome-oriented solutionsInova provides services to support clients' financial planning, trust and estate services, customized investment solutions and financial services.

Our platform

Inova as a global partnership positioned in both

developed and growth markets.


Our commitment to economic growth and

development where we operate.

We strive to be the trusted advisor and a steadfast, indispensable long-term partner in furthering your business and financial success. 

Our structure defines our strategic direction and ensures our sustainability in our industry.


Inova is a global partnership with market positions in both developed and emerging markets. The unique mix of professional, operational, and cultural diversity amongst our people provides a distinct advantage to our clients and partners as they seek to satisfy the unyielding drive to succeed in their ventures. The diversity of our interests means that we understand intrinsically the various markets in which we operate and the synergies between them. This approach always allows us to act swiftly and coherently.

Our ethos

We believe that developing solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems requires extraordinary people.Our values form the foundation of both our long-term strategy and the manner in which we serve our clients.


Our success is built on long lasting, successful relationships which develop into successful business partnerships that can endure time and market cycles. Our aim is to provide unparalleled strategic insight, comprehensive analysis and unique, creative practical solutions for all of our clients. 

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We analyze how economic, financial, industrial and trade network structures broaden and deepen and how countries and cities are positioned within these networks. We gauge how

different countries and regions in the global economy are connected to global flows.

We publish insights that are accurate, relevant, timely, clear, and concise. Our articles 

contribute to our mission to help the people we work with understand the forces 

transforming the global economy, to identify strategic locations and to prepare for the next

wave of growth.

An independent and privately - held platform

Our value proposition is based on a proven business strategy and track record that combines strong local relationships with the collective market intelligence of the company’s core team and strategic partners. An independent and privately-held platform, the diversity of our interest allows us to understand intrinsically the various markets in which we operate and the synergies between them.

Holistic wealth

The core of our service is an appreciation that our clients often have different motivations and ambitions.

Unlocking value

Unlocking value from both mature and high-quality growth opportunities globally.

Impact investing

We apply the overarching principle of sustainability to drive a wide range of our specialist strategies.

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