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A commercial multi-family office platform

We offer individuals, families, and institutions around the world a comprehensive range of

advice and investment services. We use our combined expertise to help turn vision into a reality. We offer personal and bespoke services to meet all your needs.

Image by Dario Wolff
a good thougt partner
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A good thought partner

For nearly two decades, the principals of Inova have been trusted advisors to families and clients in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Far East and Africa, helping to fulfill financial objectives, growing and preserving wealth.


Inova implements an integrated approach including investment, legal and tax decisions, family governance structures, and philanthropic activities to enrich and enhance family wealth. From choosing trust vehicles to selecting fund managers, our unbiased and independent guidance will execute the mandated strategy set forth by our clients.​ 


We take pride in our ability to tackle difficult and complex issues to deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. Our partnership model is based on collective responsibility and rigorous assessment of  risk and exposure. Our competitive advantage lies in our choice of partners: flexibility and speed make the difference between success and failure in any market.

By fully immersing our talent base in key markets, we have sought to become a local company working on a global scale. This “bottom up” approach allows us to foster and grow indigenous teams, exploiting the advantages of local knowledge, relationships and expertise to create a company culture that is truly invested in the success of our ventures. We value, understand and respect cultural diversity throughout the geographies in which we operate as a means to enhance service to our end-users rather than limit our growth. ​Integrity, diligence and responsibility are the hallmarks of our business. The mutual values, trust and loyalty we share with these partners guide us to deliver outstanding results.

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Client Segment 

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Our Platform


Wealth Management


  • Captial Markets 

  • Equity and Debt Placement 

  • Restructurings

  • Strategic Advisory 

  • Transaction Structuring 

  • Family Office Services

  • Trust and Estate Planning 

  • Tax Planning 

  • Shari'a Probate

  • Philanthrophy

  • Alternatives

  • Fixed Income 

  • Equites

  • Private Equity 

  • Real Estate


  • Mexico 

  • Nigeria

  • Russia

  • Saudi Arabia 

  • Singapore

  • Switzerland 

  • United Kingdom 

  • United States

Global Advisory 

  • Switzerland 

  • Mexico

  • United Kingdom 

  • Cyprus

  • Luxembourg

  • Switzerland

  • United Kingdom 

  • United States

Investment Management



 People and Culture

We create value by delivering innovative solutions

We create value by delivering innovative solutions through a global team of local professionals. Our mission is to become the world’s leading facilitator in the family office space. We embrace sustainable, responsible growth while expanding in capabilities and footprint. While maintaining our entrepreneurial vision. We are committed to delivering value ethically and with integrity. 


We believe in individual responsibility, integrity and excellence. It is this ethos combined with our track record of superior service and reliability that has built an internal culture of achievement and out performance. Inova is committed to being one of the premier, vertically integrated, commercial multi- family offices in the world. 

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Diverse and complementary set of skills 

Inova is led by a senior team with a diverse and complementary set of skills and experience, including private equity, hedge funds, investment management, investment banking and management consulting.


Collectively, we offer extensive knowledge and experience across alternative and conventional investments, wealth management, commodities and natural resources and family office management as well as the ability to access global knowledge and experience through our extended network. 


Commitment to making a difference

Together, we are committed to making a difference. As a firm, we support organizations working for social good, which may not otherwise be able to access our services: knowledge, analytical skills, problem-solving approach and capability building. We conduct all work to the same distinctively high standard our partners  expect of us. Our values guide everything we do as an organization and the choices we make.


They inform both our long-term strategy and the way we serve our people daily. We are committed to building a stronger global vision that has long-term sustainability and provides enduring value.

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