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Inova's business is structured as a global platform that together encompass our interest across different sectors and countries. This allows us to scale and manage our interest for growth while maintaining international governance standards and risk management.


Our structure defines the strategic direction of the business

Our structure defines the strategic direction of the business and ensures our continued leadership. We look achieve the highest business and ethical standards, with ongoing dedication to building and maintaining long-term, trusted relationships. Our structure forms the foundation of both our long-term long term vision and the manner in which we work with our clients and partners.

Inova Capital AG 

Our Swiss company Inova capital AG executes our global advisory and investment management mandates. It also has ultimate responsibility for the success of the group and for delivering sustainable shareholder value within a framework of prudent and effective controls.


It decides on the strategy upon recommendation of the Managing Directors and is responsible for overall direction, supervision and control. Inova Capital AG is structured as a commercial multi-family office registered in the Kanton of Zug, Switzerland.

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Global Advisory

Investment Management 

Wealth Management 

Inova Privé

Our wealth management and family offices services company, Inova Privé sources, facilitates, develops and implements creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by individuals and families around internal management and governance, corporate restructuring, succession planning, inheritance taxation, cross-jurisdictional Shari'a probate and philanthropy.


Inova Privé is structured as a tax consultancy; financial management; and management consultancy business registered in England and Wales.

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Wealth Management

Inova Investment Company

Our investment and consulting company Inova Investment Company is privately-held and sources, facilitates, develops, invest, and operates new ventures worldwide. The company is agnostic to sector and focus  on unlocking value of both mature and high quality growth opportunities.The company builds consortiums that are naturally aligned and perfectly positioned to create value in each project. 

Inova Investment Company is structured as diversified investment company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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Global Advisory

Direct Investment 

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