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Wealth Management

Managing wealth presents many common challenges. However, at the core of our service is an appreciation that our clients often have different motivations and ambitions. These can be far-reaching and complex, but always unique to each individual and requiring tailored, holistic solutions.


Our advice needs to be as individual as you are

We understand that our advice needs to be as individual as you are, designed to fit around your lifestyle, family life, as well as your business and professional interests. In that way, we can help shape your future plans, and hope to build a lasting relationship with you. ​In today's globalized economy, most of our clients operate across multiple jurisdictions with, often, fundamentally conflicting legal systems and requirements.


Inova recognises that, while in finding the right solutions for you some compromise is inevitable and even desirable, such solutions should not be at the expense of quality or  limit your ability to live and operate as freely as possible. 

What is holistic wealth management 

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Investment Management

Succession Planning



Holistic Asset Management

More advisory than product driven

The biggest generational shifts in the history of humankind, along with technological factors like smartphone penetration and increased app usage, are placing higher expectations on wealth managers. Today’s clients want their private wealth to be viewed and managed holistically.


The impact does not stop at financial asset allocation, but spans all assets, liabilities and life plans with the aim of delivering better approaches for after-tax wealth preservation and performance. Moreover, the ultra-low interest rate environment has made clients more price-sensitive and they expect a new breed of support, which is advisory rather than product-driven. That is how we approach wealth management as a partnership. 

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