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Inova Investment Company

Inova Investment Company specializes in building better businesses through its global platform,

local insights and deep industry expertise. The company creates long-term value for investors,

companies, their shareholders and the communities in which they operate.


Unlocking value in both mature and high-quality growth opportunities

Inova Investment Company is a privately-held, GCC-focused investment platform which sources, facilitates, develops, invests into, and operates new ventures both within the GCC and the application of those ventures worldwide. The company is agnostic to sector, focusing on unlocking value in both mature and high-quality growth opportunities, especially where those opportunities can impact and drive growth in GCC markets. The company builds consortia that are naturally aligned and perfectly positioned to create value in each project. 

The members of the executive team use their broad experience to develop and implement strategies that generate innovative ideas and cogent solutions in areas such as project management, investment and working capital and operational efficiency.​


Inova Investment Co

Information Technology
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Our approach 

We are constantly drawing upon our vast network and levering political and financier resources in order to identify

and source new opportunities. Through this process, we build consortia that are naturally aligned and perfectly positioned to create value.  


Our value proposition is based on a proven business strategy and track record that combines strong local relationships with the collective market intelligence of the company’s core team and strategic partners.

People and Culture

Maintaining our entrepreneurial vision 

We embrace sustainable, responsible growth while expanding in capabilities and footprint and maintaining our entrepreneurial vision. We are committed to delivering value ethically and with integrity. We believe in protecting the natural environment, safeguarding the health of the people and communities in which we operate. We seek to ensure stringent safety controls and to secure our operations while stewarding the environment and maintaining the quality of our products and services. 


We believe in individual responsibility, integrity and excellence. It is this ethos, combined with our track record of superior service and reliability, that has built an internal culture focused on outstanding achievement and performance.


Uncorrelated returns

The ventures we develop and invest in, tend to be either counter-cyclical

or disruptive.

Active risk management

We actively embrace and address the different motivations, ambitions and risk appetites of our clients and investors

Specialized team

We believe that every investment opportunity is different and requires the right mix of expertise to achieve a successful outcome

Contact us 

Local company with an international focus

Inova Investment Company is a Saudi-based company that is both domestic and internationally-focused. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have affiliate offices across financial and industrial hubs on four continents with an effective reach and partnerships which span both the developed and growth markets. Through our affiliated companies, we have a global presence in Europe, Asia, West Africa, and the Americas.

Inova Investment Company, A Rehab District,  Unit no 2, Jeddah 23345-8931 , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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